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Monu Professional Skincare uses the finest natural ingredients to the highest professional standard of skincare and treatments. Renowned for their efficacy, results and powerful massage techniques, combined with the most dynamic active ingredients available in the world today. Each facial is tailored 100% to each clients skincare needs to achieve the best results and relax at the same time.

  • Monu Express Facial Treatment

    The perfect introduction to Monu Skincare products and their advanced facial treatments, experience the powerful benefits of Monu skincare in this 30 minute treatment. In this revitalising mini treatment, skin is deeply cleansed and massaged prior to exfoliation and an application of mask and moisturiser.

  • Aromatic Facial Treatment

    This signature Monu Facial includes a soothing massage to the face, neck and shoulders. Monu products are individually selected to suit the client and their skin type. Mask therapy and exfoliation are combined to promote skin radiance. Experience the truly incredible results Monu has to offer.

  • Line Smoothing Algae Facial Treatment

    A top of the range line smoothing treatment with a seaweed compress containing Marine Magnesium, that smoothes, lifts and energises the skin. This extremely effective partnership of active ingredients, combined with a superior treatment technique, imparts unparalleled skin radiance, freshness and tone, not to mention an uplifting and relaxing experience.

  • Intense Lift Anti-Ageing Facial Treatment

    The ultimate relaxing and high performance treatment. This signature facial commences with a relaxation touch, a warming and comforting beginning to the Renu lift which offers all the relaxing benefits associated with the tried and trusted Monu Skincare treatment protocols, with the added benefit of new anti-ageing formulations found in the Renu skincare range. For dry, sensitive or dehydrated skin a deeply nourishing treatment mask is applied which provides 100% natural nutrients and proteins which have soothing anti-inflamatory ingredients. For slack or devitalised skin a seaweed based mask is used to lift and relax the epidermis using minerals and trace elements.

  • Wrinkle Solution Eye Treatment

    This anti-ageing eye treatment uses collagen eye patches and is especially suitable for clients who suffer from dry, creepy skin around the eyes. To target dark circles and puffiness, a specialised eye massage using lymphatic drainage techniques is recommended. This improves circulation and revitalises the eye area.

  • Monu Natural Facial Peel

    Using a complex blend of Glycolic, Salicylic and Fruit Acids to eliminate dead cells, resurface and exfoliate, smooth and refine. Sodium bicarbonate to deep cleanse, purify and clear congested pores whilst helping to reduce irritation. Vitamin C which is a potent anti-oxidant, helps to correct skin tone, brighten and clear a dull complexion whilst revitalising and increase radiance. Peels although good for mature skin, are also a welcome treatment for anyone suffering with blocked pores, breakouts, acne, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, texture and to generally increase overall skin health and radiance. This treatments is perfect for anyone who wants to treat:- - Fine lines and wrinkles - Pigmentation (age spots and discolouration of the skin) - Blocked Pores - Breakouts / Acne - Uneven Skin Tone - Dull Complexion

  • Mini Microdermabrasion Facial

    The Diamond Microdermabrasion Facials treat a number of skin conditions including pigmentation, acne scarring, uneven skin and dry, rough skin. Our mini microdermabrasion facial includes cleansing, toning, the microdermabrasion treatment and moisturise.

  • Luxury Microdermabrasion Facial

    The Diamond Microdermabrasion Facials treat a number of skin conditions including pigmentation, acne scarring, uneven skin and dry, rough skin. Our luxury microdermabrasion facial includes cleansing, toning, the microdermabrasion treatment, a hydrating mask, neck and shoulder massage and moisturise.


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