Aura Beauty Salon Christchurch | Look after your Gel Manicure…
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Look after your Gel Manicure…

Look after your Gel Manicure…

… and your Gel Manicure will look after your nails!

Here are our top tips to keep your Gel manicures looking fresh for 3+ weeks!

What is Gel?

The gel polish range we use for our gel manicures, promises up to a 21 day wear and is a tough, protective nail coating that will add strength and a gorgeous high shine to beautify your natural nails. Gel is hard wearing but is not indestructible when performing our daily tasks so here are a few guidelines to follow to ensure your manicure is perfect for the full 3 weeks.

Aftercare Tips!


  • Wear rubber gloves! Protect your skin and nails from drying out when using harsh household chemicals such as bleach and washing up liquid. Prolonged soaking in water can also cause natural nail weakness. Make sure to also wear gloves when doing tasks such as gardening as this can really take its toll on your nails.


  • Use cuticle oil! Apply your cuticle oil twice daily to promote healthy skin and nails. Its daily use will prolong the life of your Gel manicure whilst maintaining high hydration levels in the nail plate thus preventing the natural nail peeling and breaking.


  • Wear sunscreen… then wash your hands straight away after! Sun cream and insect repellents contain ingredients known to cause possible break down of gel polish. Cuticle oil can be used as a barrier if applied beforehand.


  • Chlorinated water followed by sun exposure may cause discolouration of your Gel manicure! Chlorine is a bleach and the sunshine intensifies the bleaching action. Be sure to dry your hands immediately after stepping out of the pool and don’t forget your cuticle oil!


  • Bored of your high shine perfect manicure? You can add normal polish on top! As long as you remove the polish with non acetone nail polish remover your Gel manicure will stay completely intact!


  • If you happen to notice a slight chip or nick in your Gel manicure or nail DO NOT PICK, peel or lift it as it will cause damage to your nails. You can use a nail file to take away the chip until your next appointment!


  • Certain chemical ingredients in hand lotions such as lanolin can cause breakdown of your Gel manicure – avoid applying hand lotion directly to your nails.


Incorrect removal of your Gel Manicure can lead to nail damage – we promote safe removal of gel polish by offering FREE removals with your gel manicures!

Love The Aura Beauties


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