Aura Beauty Salon Christchurch | 10 ways we’ve made the salon extra safe during COVID-19
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10 ways we’ve made the salon extra safe during COVID-19

10 ways we’ve made the salon extra safe during COVID-19

As much as we try to ignore it and get back to as much ‘normal practice’ as we can at the moment – we can’t ignore COVID-19 and the current pandemic that is still around. BUT what we can do is try and make your visit to us as safe as possible for both the Aura Beauties and you guys!

Here is 10 extra precautions we’ve put in place to make your visit to us as safe as possible!!

1. PPE

We have kitted ourselves out with visors, masks and gloves to ensure any transmission is at it’s lowest possible chance! Plus we kindly ask you to wear a mask throughout your treatment unless otherwise asked to remove it.

2. Screens

We’ve installed perspex screens on our manicure desks, reception desk and in-between our manicure stations so that if you have to be less than 2m away from someone you are protected by a screen that is cleaned regularly!

3. Hand Washing

When you arrive to your appointment we ask you to wash (or if unavailable at the very least sanitise) your hands to avoid transmitting anything from outside. We also wash our hands thoroughly before and after each client visit.

4. Waiting Area

We have removed our waiting chairs from the front of our shop to avoid people sitting too close together whilst they wait for their appointment – instead we ask you to wait outside until you are called through for your appointment. In the rain we do have umbrellas available to borrow should you forget one or you’re welcome to wait in your car outside the salon and we can signal to you when we are ready.

5. Uniforms

Our uniforms are washed each day and only worn in the salon – we change once we get to work and before we leave! This reduces the chance of cross contamination!

6. Nail Pops

When choosing a colour for your fingers/toes we now have santisable books instead of all of the colours on rings. So far people have loved these and find it so much easier to pick a colour.

7. Wipeable Couch Covers

When you come in for waxing/face treatments now you may notice that the full couch has couch roll and underneath a wipeable couch cover. This is so we can sanitise the bed thoroughly in-between each client.

8. Anti-Bac

You may notice many many bottles of cleaning spray around the salon at different points. This is because we thoroughly clean each area after each client incl. fabric furnishings, pedicure chairs, trolleys, bins, door handles, manicure desks and everything on them to name a few.

9. Drinks

Recently our guidelines have changed and we can now serve both hot and cold drinks in disposable cups – hooray! So you can now enjoy a tea/ coffee / water with your treatment (and take it home with you!)

10. COVID consultation form

Every client is required to fill in a COVID consultation form on arrival so that we can track and trace all visitors and ensure no-one has been into contact with anyone or is feeling unwell – we then follow up each time they visit to ensure all information is still correct!

We take the government guidance very seriously and endeavour to maintain a safe working environment for the Aura Beauty Team and all of the wonderful clients that visit us! If you have any questions or want to know more about our COVID procedures please don’t hesitate to give us a message! If the guidance changes we’ll keep this post updated so you know the exact procedure to follow in salon!

In the meantime thank you to so much everyone who has already been in to see us

Stay Safe and Sassy!

The Aura Beauties x

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